Executive Coaching

All of our coaches have “been there done that”.

Executive Coaching gives a leader the opportunity to create and safely explore options and to process what has or hasn’t worked. Choosing a coach is a very important decision. All of our coaches have “been there done that”.  Having held senior level roles in global organizations they understand the challenges leaders have as they transition throughout their careers and navigate through the complexities of significant changes. We also offer coaching in Mindfulness to Discover Your True Passion & Purpose. We offer Executive coaching delivered by our award winning coaches who have been there done that for:

Pris Nelson has designed award winning coaching programs that have achieved millions of dollars in return on investment.  We can help you design your coaching program or evaluate and/or give new life to your existing coaching program. Whether your needs include your C-Suite executives only, or a more comprehensive program which leverages staged coaching programs throughout your organization, we can assist you with making the decisions you need when you need them. awards

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