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The Nelson Cohen team are sought after because of their relationship-centered, values-based approach that builds upon the strengths of leaders so that they are able to quickly become their absolute best. Nelson Cohen consultants have all been executives in organizations and have been recognized throughout the world for their best practices and contributions to learning and leadership development.

prisPriscilla “Pris” Nelson brings deep experience in leadership development that stretches across the globe. During more than 36 years working with leaders in organizations ranging from small business owners to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, she’s earned international acclaim for her efforts in leadership development, executive coaching and diversity across more than 60 countries. Leaders who have worked with Pris, describe her coaching style as constructive, caring and action oriented. She is a values driven, results oriented coach and consultant who aligns to her clients’ goals, helping them achieve incredible results. For many organizations, Pris has developed in-house corporate Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs with internal corporate certification as well as Learning and Development Professional Certification Programs.
Her career highlights include a leading a team of professionals who designed and facilitated leadership development programs for 5,600 global senior leaders and C-Suite executives. Under her leadership, the team created a global competency framework, succession planning and feedback process that resulted in customer and employee satisfaction increasing in a 50,000-plus associate organization and won countless awards and citations. She also led senior-level programs, executive coaching and mentoring programs. And, she started the first International Coach Federation associated chapter in Hyderabad during the five years she lived in India.
Pris is a sought after speaker throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. She’s the co-author of Leadership Traits Insights for Today Pathway to the Future (May 2015), authored an internal professional coach certification process, aligned to the International Coach Federation core competencies, and Let’s Talk, a desktop resource manual listing 90 Powerful Questions for Leaders. She is also co-author of Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times (ASTD Press), contributor to ASTD’s Leadership Handbook (ASTD 2010), and contributor to Ready, Aim, Captivate (Expert Insights Publishing 2012), as well as numerous articles around the world. Additionally, she designed a game for leaders to identify leadership traits they identified with from leaders in history around the world. The Inspiring Leadership game provides biography cards for famous masters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sun Tzu, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King. The game was first introduced at a conference in Los Angeles, California and subsequently in universities in India, the United States and Europe. It was later made into an electronic board game used for a global corporation in India.
Education and qualifications:  Pris earned a bachelor of science in Psychology from the University of Utah, a masters of science in Human Resources Economics from the University of Utah and a master of arts in Community Counseling University of South Florida. Master Certified Corporate Executive Coach, Board Certified Coach. Pris also holds numerous professional certifications and/or credentials in MBTI, Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0, FIRO-B, The Leadership Challenge (LPI), Hogan Development Assessment, DiSC, Communication Wheel, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode, Cultural Awareness Index, 360 Benchmarks.
  • Coaching—Executive coaching, new leader coaching, C-Suite legacy coaching, team, group project and virtual coaching.
  • Leadership development—facilitation of retreats and off-sites; leadership team building; and, development of custom leadership programs; global diversity; facilitation of workshops in leading others, leading change.
  • Change leadership—leadership changes and transitions, organizational readiness and acceptance.
  • Organization Development—team assessment and performance enhancement, top-down relationship and engagement strategies, development and implementation of team agreements, core values and corporate cultural development, BEST TEAM EVER process.
ed 2014Ed Cohen is a true veteran in leadership development, whose career spans more than 36 years and crosses 40-plus countries. Ed is a compassionate, relationship-centered consultant, facilitator and coach who for the past six years has worked with leaders, around the world, helping them maximize their strengths and grow their leadership.  He helps companies to assess and grow their leadership pipeline and develop outstanding learning strategies.
Prior to Nelson Cohen, during a seven-year stint living and working in India, Ed led leadership development programs for many companies across Asia. As senior vice president of talent management for Satyam Computer Services (now call Tech Mahindra), they became the first and only company outside the U.S. to attain the top ranking by Association for Talent Development (ATD).  Under Ed’s thoughtful leadership and guidance, the organization went through a sea change from patriarchal to distributed full life-cycle leadership allowing employees to have significantly more influence.  The new leader one year onboarding process which included residential, virtual and action learning as well as coaching and mentoring reduced turnover of newly hired leaders from more than 28% to less than 5% resulting in a return on investment of more than $5M annually.
Before that, Ed spent eight years with Booz Allen Hamilton, helping the company achieve the highest rankings on both Training Magazine’s Top 125 list and the ASTD’s global list. Under Ed’s leadership, they shifted from a performance-based to a values-based leadership model, entirely new leadership competency models and linked learning and development directly to career progression and compensation.  The corporate university, known as The Center for Performance Excellence became known throughout the world as one of the top corporate learning centers for employees from entry level through retirement.  All learning was directly linked to the business, to competencies and to career roadmaps to ensure the significant investment of time and funds were maximized thus benefiting employees, the organization and customers.
Ed is the co-author of Leadership Traits: Insights for Today Pathway to the Future (2015), author of Leadership Without Borders: Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders (John Wiley & Sons, 2007), co-author of Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times (ASTD Press, May 2010), and has contributed to several books including the ASTD Leadership Handbook.
Education and qualifications:  Ed earned a masters of science in education from Nova Southeastern University and a bachelor of science in accounting from the University of Florida. He also participated in Harvard Business School’s Leading Professional Services Firms. Ed is certified in Hogan Development Assessment, MBTI, FiroB, The Leadership Challenge, LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory), Executive Stamina, and is proficient in many 360 assessments, Gallup Strengthsfinder, Globesmart Cultural assessment, DiSC and multiple executive coaching methodologies.
  • Coaching—C-Suite transition coaching, new leader coaching, transitioning to retirement, executive coaching, group coaching, virtual coaching;
  • Leadership development—facilitation of workshops in leading others, leading change, leading the business, global mindset, global diversity; facilitation of retreats and offsites; leadership team building; and, development of custom leadership programs.
  • Leadership consulting—succession planning, leadership pipeline calculation, development of leadership strategies, executive talent management strategies.
  • Change leadership—mergers & acquisitions, leadership changes and transitions, organizational readiness and acceptance.
  • Organization Development—team assessment and performance enhancement, top-down relationship and engagement strategies, development and implementation of team agreements, core values and corporate cultural development, BEST TEAM EVER process.

Ed and Pris have a unique ability to build world-class teams and what’s phenomenal is their ability to weave-in a delicate fabric of human values and commitments into the functioning of the team. The BEST TEAM EVER process and Team Agreement that they coached us to create when I was a part of their team almost half a decade ago still continues to be a reference guide for me before I initiate any team building efforts.

Kamesh Kompella

APAC Lead for Talent Development, Paypal

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