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Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen launched Nelson Cohen Consulting in 2009, to continue pursuing their lifelong passion of helping leaders be their absolute personal best. They influence leaders in over 60 countries helping transform their organizations through leadership into great places to work that retain and attract the best talent. Their organizations benefit from greater energy, momentum, openness to change and extreme collaboration. More important than Pris’ and Ed’s expertise is their desire and energetic approach to helping professionals to build and practice behaviors that result in great relationships and profitability.

It’s simple…True, authentic leadership comes from relationships and to get there the best leaders practice a set of behaviors that are observable, learnable and teachable.  We leverage our global experiences and relationships to work with leaders and their teams to liberate the leader within. Because, when you liberate the leader within, extraordinary things happen.

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Both Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen are sought after because of their relationship-centered, values-based approach that builds upon the strengths of leaders so that they are able to quickly become their absolute best.  Both have been recognized throughout the world for their best practices and contributions to learning and leadership development.

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